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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cloudy Sunrise


Beach in sunrise

Cascais Beach


Spiderdama said...

WOW, I wish I was there..:-) Really beautiful place and pictures!
Hug and have a great evening!

Bull Rhino said...

Beautiful! I especially like the last one. Sure is good to have you back.

Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog ;^)

Anne said...

Ohhh Robert, so very very nice :-)
I can really imagine how it would be walking on that beach, stunning beautiful also in wintertime :-)

Anne said...

I forgot a BIG HUG!

R.Ferrari said...

Esta última foto está um espetáculo.

Rune (Bildebloggen) said...

Very beautiful sunrise. Imagine if you could have it so every morning:)

Joanne said...

Cascais no seu melhor! é linda viver aqui é muito especial:))

kyungmee said...

Hi! I am sorry..I just caught up with your arrival and first weeks..I am happy to see everything I well. These first images are wonderful and of beautiful sky and sea.

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