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Saturday, 26 September 2009




Tunes Photo said...

A piranha!

Meret ® said...

A beauty of imágen I surprise you always with your good work.

Thank you for being.


Anne said...

:-)) love your photo eyes Robert.

Have been so nice, a photo trip with you!!

Anne-Berit said...

Looks like a fish that stone.Nice shot:o)

Sylvia said...

Ooohhhh! You can step on me if you like... ;)

auroraines said...

Si se hubieran propuesto perforar la piedra no creo hubiera salido tan perfecto como este resultado de la erosión de la naturaleza no Webruci?
No entiendo de cámaras pero la tuya saca todos los detalles!!
Un abrazo

Anne said...

God morning Robert :-)

I justhave to say the same thing as you, London is `nothing` no atmosfere at all...., and to much people for a country girl as me :-)

Portugal, of corse i have been ther, but just once :-((

Her you can see...., such a great moment, and I cust cant never ever forget the eagle... end the young boys song before the match..., it just made med cry...even this day... i can feel it on my skin... the hair is rising .-0


...and you returning there???? tell...

Nice sunday to you my friend.

AB said...

Sophisticated camouflage, perhaps?

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