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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hard times...

A few years ago fishing was a hobby em Portugal. Today is not! It's all about food... Each week more and more people become unemployed, the prices are rising and the possibility of buying is going down...
Sad but it's true! Now the fishing is about food, some folks don't even have fishing tools, but though they try... !

food fishing


Dagrun said...

That is sad, Robert. Indeed. I hope your family is doing ok though?

A beautiful sensation in this shot.

Sylvia K said...

Times are bad for so many, Robert, and your post is a sad reminder of how difficult life has become. I do hope you and your family are okay! Take care, sending you good thoughts!


Spiderdama said...

Oh, this is so sad.. your picture almost make my cry.. Hope and pray for better times for Portugal, one of my favorite countries.

Tusen takk for dine fine kommentarer Robert!
Ønsker deg en god kveld, klem.
God bless you:-)


I have read about it in the papers, the difficulties your country are in. It is sad to read. My vacation in Portugal some years ago, was the best vacation ever - so I feel for the portugees! And I remember the fish - so very good fish! And nice people!

I will think of you and your family in this difficult time.
Gode klemmer og varme tanker fra meg. :)

Bildet har en malankoli over seg som sier mer enn tusen ord!

Anne-Berit said...

Sad to hear about the situation in Portugal,and your beautiful photo illustrates it so well.
Hope all is well with you and your family:)

Scott said...

Thank heaven we can have hope for the future. Great shot and I hope is all well for you and yours.

Anne said...

A great picture after all my friend :-)

But between lines here; not happy in Prtugal? thinking of you and your family of course, knoe that Robert :-)

wenn said...

time flies and changes the world.

Marias Teater said...

Yes, we know - and we are following all the countries with economical difficulties. These are countries which are turist countries and "everybody" has visited them.
And as always - the weakest are getting worse.
I do not know which mirakel have to happen, but I believe that somehow the situation will stabilize. In the meantime, fishing must be for food. The picture is beautiful, but so sad.

Fotokarusellen said...

Wish you and Portugal all the best.
Wonderful capture. Great composition. Beautiful photowork.

Anonymous said...

Parece el pensador boita captura

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