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Sunday, 3 October 2010

The King...!


Kraxpelax said...

The Moon
on a cat


As a native Swede, I am particularly proud of my love poetry suite Sonnets for Katie.

My Poems

My wallpaper art Babes!)


- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Joe's blog said...

I love it.
GREAT photography.

Tommy Andre Nekkoy said...

a trur ROYAL bird

well done

Joanne said...


Maria-Denisa said...

Beautiful colours, beautiful animal! And a great photo! Kisses from Romania! :)

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Pchełka said...

:) Great shot!

Martina Cardemyr said...

Nice blog and wonderful pictures! A great birdphoto!

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic captures, Robert! Beautiful bird and what gorgeous colors! Always a delight to visit your blog and enjoy your wonderful world! Have a great week!



Truly on of natures wonder this bird! And beautiful pictures Robert! Can you believe those colors!??

Anne said...

This green coluour is my favourite, THINK having such a dress :-)
Like a princess for a day...

LDH said...

Beautiful shots with such vivid color! Very nice!

Sagatun said...

Wow the colours on the bird:)
Loved the pic.
Have a great week

Spiderdama said...

Really a royal bird! Wonderful and great colors! And so are your shots.
Wish you a happy week, hugs from Tania

amatamari© said...

Ah, what a beautifully!!!

Gry said...

Or queen? Royal anyway and so beautiful.

I hope you and your family are well.

LOCURAS said...

Robert!! es cierto realmente UN REY!!!...que bella foto, como siempre!!
Un besote

SILVIA said...

¡El rey del mambo! ¿no te parece que tienen cara de enfadados? jajajaa!!
Un besazo!!!

nortehanon said...

Oh, I seldom see peacocks here in my country so your photos of peacocks are a treat :) Thank you for sharing them with us, your readers.

Miss N of

Ida said...

beautiful photos!

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