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Thursday, 8 October 2009

In the slack rope



Anonymous said...

Hello Robert

Beautiful photho. I like so much birds. Everything ok with you. Good news?



Wenche said...

Wow, amazing picture! The details on the bird are so great. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I have to ask: do you speak Norwegian? I just wonder since you often write Norwegian words in the comments.

Gallow said...

I love taking photographs of birds. They are very interesting to watch, and can be a challenge.

This is a great photo. You did a great job in balancing the exposure to get a great sky behind the bird, as well as great colors on the bird itself.

Well done!!

Anonymous said...

que lindo y gordo pajaro!!!

quiero ir a donde tenga pensado volar!

Anne said...

A really beauty, but so difficoult to catch in the lense I think...


R and J said...

I saw that bird in London, I don't know what bird it is. Haven't seen it here in Sweden.

Galaxy6139 said...

Really nice shoot! the bird is beautiful. I think you have really good lense

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