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Friday, 16 October 2009

Breakfast with the Queen.

wasp queen Was the biggest wasp I've ever seen. You can compare it with the fly.


Anne said...

Two in one!! yes :-) and a big wasp, I see, bzzzz

The flue is better, but have a day of for work this day, tis raining a lot this day, and the lady is still just inside.

Not a doctor, nurse you see :-))

Anonymous said...

Fotografia macro e super,nu-i asa?Felicitari.

Tone said...

So beautifull colors! Like Anne said, its raining a lot here in Norway, but this weekend its gonne be SUN :-)
Have a great weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Is the flower a hydrangea? I noticed this year that we had the largest wasps I have ever seen that was getting nectar or something from the hydrangea. And it was black with reddish colored legs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert

Everything ok with you, Sylvia and the childrens???

Beautiful photo.


Gallow said...

Great catch. Macro shots are so cool in that you can see things that you wouldn't normally see. (Especially with my eyesight.)

Elizabeth Gilje said...

Wow! For one, that's a very cool picture - amazing you were able to catch both in one shot.

Second - yikes! Huge wasp!!

Tunes Photo said...

Strange that the small fly isn`t afraid of the wasp!

Luiz Ramos said...

Great shot and chance.
Luiz Ramos

AB said...

Given the difference in size, it looks like the fly might be the wasp's breakfast.

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